Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mayan Astrology - Individual Consultancy Services

According to the Mayan Calendar, There are 20 signs that follow each other in a sequence. In other words, one sign rules for one day. On the other hand, each day has a tone that is between 1 and 13 and consequently they will create 20 x 13 = 260 different energies.

Again, from our birthday, it is possible to elicit an individual life tree, which is a tool for individual consultancy. In this life tree, there are eight complimentary signs to our core sign. All of this makes up 3 columns and 3 rows. These 3 rows represent 3 different stages of one’s life: youth, adolescence and destiny(or future). 3 columns represent different fields of one’s life. Main column in the middle bring about the signs that influence one’s character mainly. The female signs influence the private space, intimate and family relationships, while the male signs influence mostly one’s professional job and career. Learning about these different signs will give you a very important guidance on your personality and your life path.

According to the Mayan shamans, we all know about our purpose of life before we incarnate. At that spiritual level, each one of us make a conscious choice about which day to incarnate, so that this unique day’s energy will provide us the most suitable energies for completig our life mission. Getting to know the complimentary energies in your life tree, will help you to activate their guidance in your lives. The guidance that the Mayan Astrology provides for you has a lot to do with remembering your life mission. The whole session and your journey following it will be about remembering your purpose in this life.

When you receive an individual Mayan Astrology session from me, you will be able to understand these complimentary energies, as well as learning your specific sign combination.

Session fee is 75 USD.
Bonus: You will get a full report from which normally costs $13.90.
If you have already bought this report please contact me, I will give you a $13.90 discount from my session fee.

You will receive an audio recording of the session afterwards.

If you want to have a face to face session please contact me:
Turkey Tel: +905394851216
Skype for online sessions: fatih_kecelioglu

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